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153 responses to “Home

  1. @Kishore Garnapudi

    Spring Festival – 26.01.2007(Friday) to 28.01.2007(Sunday)

    KSHITIJ – 01.02.2007(Thursday) to 04.02.2007(Sunday)

    Usually this would happen:-

    After 10th January(i.e. from 10 to 20 Jan), There will be 2 notices on hall notice board(one for SF and other for Kshitij) asking the 1st year students to come for interview at T.S.G.(Technology Student Gymkhana).

    There you will be asked to fill a slip mentioning your-


    2.Roll No.

    3.Hall & Room No.



    6.Anything Exceptional

    7.Do you personally know someone highly placed in a company(e.g. VP-HR).

    8.Rank the departments you would like to work in(viz. Transportation, Reception, event management, corporate management, X-Games,…etc..there are around 10+ department)-




    Based on the information you provide in that slip, They will be judging you on your communication skills, why you rank those deptt’s higher than others and on many other parameters.

    For more information keep visiting this site ..I will be writing an article on this issue in the 1st week of Jan. Till then take care:) !

  2. need a funda about depC….how shud i study???n how much shud i study???

  3. i am in the CS dual deg. course and hv same queries as amit above had. after giving mid sems i am in a dillemma of what wud the results be like. becuz none of my exams went quite upto my expectations plz give me some fundae about the marking scheme.

  4. Plz tell me about the branch change in Mathematics and computing.

    Wat cgpa is req and generally wat were d cutoffs in recent years?

    I m in M.sc. Economics branch. its a new branch here. Plz tell me abt future prospect abt this trade. Well i hav a great interest in business n economics.

    Plz help!

    with Regards,


  5. one hardly finds such an altruistic attempt in today’s fast moving world where everyone fights to be d cynosure…but thanks to u guys for such a noble deed…I believed but never witnessed one…keep it up guys…attaboys!!!..good luck to u for such an endeavour πŸ™‚

  6. Kishore Garnapudi

    How can I participate or become a volunteer in ‘Kshitij’ or ‘Spring fest’?

  7. iam unable to visit to registration website and online notice board

    can u please help me as what should i do

    i am visiting above websites from other places

  8. i want the details of job placements and salaries

  9. siddharth pritam

    wt are the options 4 1st year students in sf & kshitij?

  10. my main target is to do MBA for that what r the initial steps i should take right from the Ist year please help me.

  11. my branch is civil b tech 4 year and i want to join core job so what should my minimum cgpa right from the 1st year

  12. @rohit kawathekar

    it depends upon to which branch you want to change..for mech you need around 8.8 ..and for that you must study atleast 20 hours per week.

  13. @ashish

    It varies from prof to prof..but typically exams and attendance matters most.

  14. @Pragyan

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  15. @rahul

    For viewing most of the campus sites(Reg site, Notice board etc.) one must be inside IIT-kgp.once here you disable proxies and then view them.

  16. @chaitanya

    Although we are not as good as Top-3 IIT’s when it comes to quality of placement but still, we have good placements.

    visit these sites for more information-

  17. @siddharth pritam

    1st yearites can participate and/or become a part of fests as Volunteers only.

  18. @bipin kumar

    All of first try for 5 year dual degree Btech+MBA course(VGSOM).

    for getting into any of the reputed MBA courses one must have superb analytical/comprehension skills along with excellent communication skills..I will write an article over this in near future.

  19. what do we mean by electives? i also want to know how we can do minor in a field.
    i like to thank for your efforts.

  20. i m in aerospace b tech 4 yr
    wat r the possibilities of core job.

    i got 8.46 in 1 sem how much i require 4 brnch chng to atleast mech.

    and when we chng brnch can we also shift to 5 yr. dual degree?

    and do we really need to hav grt extra acads record 4 having a nice placement??

    and yes thnx 2 u people 4 such a grt thing ..deesha.

  21. @gourav khaneja
    starting from 2nd year onwards one can choose from given options which course he/she wanna do..they are called breadths/electives…for Minor you have to take some electives/breadths in the branch(in which you wanna do the minor).
    For e.g. if one wanna do a Minor in Computer Science & Engineering, he/she must take all subjects of Group I, and one from Group II and take Electives I and II from M.Tech. Electives.

    Subjects can been seen here – http://www.webteam.iitkgp.ernet.in/academic/minorsubjects2.php?BranchCode=BTCS0

  22. @Pankaj Jindal

    Good core jobs…in companies like HAL, DRDO, Indian air force..etc.

    atleast 8.8(it will be better if you get 9.0).

    as per existing rules, anyone can change to 5 year Dual/Integrated course but a student enrolled in 5 year Dual degree course can NOT change to 4 year.

    for management companies..its sort of must.

  23. my cg is 6.4 i m a b.tech student. Is depc is possible now? please guide me.(my EAA-1 grade is A. i m passed in all subjects.)

  24. @sanjay goyal
    For Branch change from a B.Tech. course to any other course one must need a cgpa of 8.25 in 46 academic credits without any backlog(i.e. [SGPA1 x 24 – EAA1 grade(in number) + SGPA2 x 24 – EAA2 grade(in number)] / 46 >= 8.25)..now you can calculate for yourself.

  25. my branch is industrial chemistry. at max, how many dep. changes are possible from it.

  26. @prabhat
    To all branches/UG courses(except your own πŸ˜€ ) depending upon your CGPA.

  27. i wanna crack gre.
    what steps should i take in the first year.

  28. @Gourav khaneja

    You must get CGPA>8.50
    Improve your english comprehension,reading etc. skills in summer….& wait for an article on it πŸ™‚ .

  29. I m a 1st yr. student frm mech.(btech 4yr)got a sgpa of 7.63 in 1st sem.wid inter hall participation .wat min. cg. should I hav for a core job.

  30. In EAA i hav yoga.
    how can i improve my xtra acads in 1st yr.?

    and 4 a nice core job ,are xtra acads equally imp. as in management jobs?

  31. @Varunesh

    atleast 8.0, also try for inter-iit next year.

  32. @Pankaj Jindal

    Work hard so as to increase chances of becoming ‘Governor of Yoga Society’ by your 2nd/3rd year.

    Not equally but nevertheless they are important.

  33. What is the position of our Management school VGSOM. What do you advice about taking the MBA integrated course from the second year? Is there some minimum CG requirement? How much easy is it to be selected for the MBA course.

  34. @Nihit Jain

    it depends on various parameters.
    I would advise you to get as high SGPA as possible in this sem and then enroll in some MBA(BBA) coaching institute in summers…I think there is this option that you can refuse even if you have qualified and then offered a seat in integrated mba+btech course.
    But, for that you don’t need to bother now.
    I will write an article on this issue…till then..keep visiting(or subscribe to articles via email). πŸ™‚

  35. How to apply for branch change and when?

    Can one become a volunteer of SF as well as ktj.?If not then which one is

    In our hall we have got the notice for voluntaring in “arena designing in SF”. Are there many such voluntaring activities? If yes, then can we be volunteer in more than one activity?

  36. @Pankaj Jindal

    There will be a notice from academic section in 1st week of April and last date to submit choices will be around 15th April.

    One can volunteer for both the SF & Kshitij e.g. I volunteered for both in my first year.

    There are lot of interesting volunteering activities..but normally one can only volunteer in one activity.

  37. i got a cg of 7.5 i’m in mech now what should i do to raise it

  38. @Abhinav

    go to various prof’s(who are taking courses this sem)..and ask for relevant books…take good notes in class…80% attendance is must…self-study for atleast 7 hours per week…and then u will see yourself at 8.25+ after 1st year πŸ™‚

  39. first of all i congrats you for your badly needed endeavour.I am in phy dep 5year.What are the future prospects with this course?Can i be able to get goog ctc job.my sc is not so good (7.1).what is the funda of minors.which elective is good for me?can you provide me the list of electives with cutoff cg.

  40. @Rakesh

    If You wanna do research ..then this field has excellent future…Many Software/Financial core companies allow PHY students.

    Yes, you will be able to get good ctc job..Don’t bother about electives right now..you will be having plenty of time to decide..better will be if you try to get ~9.5+ SGPA so that you become eligible to apply for branch change to engineering branches/ ~9+ for MA/SI/EX/GG.

  41. Dear Sir,
    Could you please tell me if there is a provision of summer quarter if one fails (gets an F) in PDS lab (Programming and Data structures)?

  42. which feild in the ktj or sf is best to volunteer in

  43. sir in one of the reply u said dat placement of kgp is not as good as “top three iits”.is it applicable to cs dep also ? if yes then upto what extent?

  44. @RAHUL

    Normally SQ/Supplee are only conducted for theory components of the subject.

    Every field is good. πŸ™‚

    Average salary and number of companies offering >6lpa are more in B/D/M than Kgp/K/R/G.

  45. which book should we study for mechanics
    our profs say that any book will do
    but preferably which book should we follow

  46. If a final year student of cs dep with average communication skills and no extra acads hasa cgpa of 7.5
    what type of placement(package) he may expect?

  47. @Abhinav

    Books: Vector Mechanics for Engineers, F.P. Beer and E.R. Johnston, Tata McGraw-Hill (7th Edition)

    Reference books ;
    -Engineering Mechanics, Irving H. Shames, Prentice Hall of India
    -Engineering Mechanics, J.L. Meriam and L.G. Kraige, John Wiley and Sons

    Books : Mechanics of deformable bodies, E.P. Popov

    Reference books:
    -Mechanics of materials, F.P. Beer and E.R. Johnston
    -Mechanics of materials, Timoshenko and Gere
    -Introduction to solid mechanics, Irving H. Shames
    -Strength of materials, William A Nash
    -Elements of strength of materials, Timoshenko and Young

  48. @RAHUL

    Please don’t bother so much about placement right now..focus on your CGPA and extra-acads.

    >6lpa with good job profiles.

  49. Sir,
    You said i ncomment 16 that “1st yearites can participate and/or become a part of fests as Volunteers only.” Can’t we participate in any of the so many events in ktj. like IDP.

  50. @Pankaj Jindal

    Yes..for detailed information of events visit sites of kshitij and sf.

  51. OK I have visited them already.
    But why did you say that “1st yearites can participate and/or become a part of fests as Volunteers only.”

  52. @Pankaj Jindal

    By that line I meant that there are only 4 posts in Fests – Volunteer, Member, Head & Schom. Now the tradition is- to become a member you must be in 2nd year, 3rd for Head and 4th for Scom.

    So in 1st year either one can participate and/or become an volunteer. πŸ™‚

  53. I,m a student of chemical dept. and i have got a cgpa of 7.46 in 1st sem.
    so should i pay more attention to my studies or be invovled in kshitiz/sf in some way or the other.
    also how imp is the cg in 1st yr?
    can one improve it at a later stage also in the forthcoming years?

  54. @Himanshu

    SGPA’s of sem-1 & sem-2 are very very important because They form basis for future academic activities…

    As one line wrote by some senior in my room says – “CGPA is important, any academic comparison is based on CGPA”.

    what you should prefer, depends upon where you want to see yourself after 4/5 years from now? whether you want to be in P&G/HLL/ITC or Stanford University/MIT/Caltech?

  55. how good biotech is if we think about place ment
    if i am only interested in placement should i loook for a depc

  56. @saurabh kumar
    if by placement you mean salary only & you don’t really care about job profile, then(as of now) CS,EC,EX & GG are the best branches.

  57. my branch is instrumentation, my cg is 8.13 what min cg should ilook for
    so that i remain in a good bargaining position
    in future.strictly min as i am looking for throughly
    participating in sf and ktj.

  58. pls sir yuo misunderstood me i wanted to mean that
    what r the probablities of lucrative placements in bio tech.as depc seems difficult.

  59. sir,is it true that the chemistry sem in the first year
    is low scoring.what kind of grade one get in mecanics
    what kind of dep physics is? i really love physics but i
    want a gud job also.what do you suggest

  60. Can one improve his CG by taking supplementry exams even if he or she is pass in that subject. If this is possible, then in how many subjects is it possible. With his improved CG can he apply for dep c.

  61. Thanks for ur efforts….
    Regarding the first yr cgpas …. around 52 guys have got>=9….and around 300>=8…..taking this into consideration will the cgs required for depcs likely to go up…?
    How was it last year….?
    And how stringent is the insti regarding depcs…It is known they r likely to reduce the no of depcs this year….how far is it true?
    Thanks for ur help again…

  62. @saurabh kumar

    (As of now)Satisfactory core jobs(w.r.t. Indian standards) with satisfactory salary in companies like Dr Reddy’s Laboratories(5 lpa), Biocon etc.

  63. @rajiv kumar

    Yes, generally its believed that Chemistry as a subject in 1st year is low scoring.Usual grades in mechanics.

    As I told to Rakesh in comment no.42 .. its an very very interesting deptt but mostly for those who are interested in research or R&D jobs. what you should do will depend upon your CGPA.

  64. @Nihit Jain

    Usually, to get a SQ/Supplee one must have got F in that subject.

    No, To apply for DepC one must have passed all his/her subjects in 1st attempt only.

  65. @Pawan

    Thats mind boggling!! :O
    YES!! add +0.1 to all the cgpa cutoff’s for DepC.
    It was less last year.

    No! thats only a rumour; if you have got 8.25/7.50 no one can stop you from getting DepC.

  66. does cg increase or decrease in civil dep after ist yr i got 7 this time so i am frust also i wanna do mba from IIMs guide me.

  67. i wanna do MBA from IIM so pls guide me what should i do in 1st yr is good cg essential ?

  68. @aseem

    it depends upon person…try to get as high sgpa as possible in this sem…Don’t be frust; There have been many ppl who have got 7.0 in their 1st sem and then rose to 9.01(cgpa) after last sem..and went to Stanford for higher education..keep yourself motivated.

  69. @Vicky

    Yes, good CGPA(8+) is important for getting into good management colleges..whether in India or abroad.

    As I told to bipin “..for getting into any of the reputed MBA courses one must have superb analytical/comprehension skills along with excellent communication skills…”..Get as high SGPA as possible…Improve your language(English) vocabulary.

  70. I want to do the B.tech+MBA course available here in iitkgp. How and when do you apply for it. And what all are the tests they take for it.

  71. @Nihit Jain

    wait till April, by then there will be a notice on academic-section notice board for this..most probably they will ask you to sit for test/gd-pi in the month of july(before registration).

    academic-section notice board – http://noticeboard.iitkgp.ernet.in/acad.php

  72. what to do to improve english vocabulary

  73. I want to do mba .Wat i do for iim? I m in last year (B.TECH.) & my percentage in B.TECH(till 7th sem) is 58%, can I get IIM ? wat i do for admission in IIM? How i can raise my percentage ? is this possible i can 92% in last semm.?

  74. @nidhi

    I’m just a 3rd year UG student πŸ˜› , You may get IIM depending upon your CAT score and overall profile(college, extra-acads..etc)..because % cutoff for applying to IIM’s is 50%.

    Try to get 92%+ in 8th sem(if you are really serious abt %/IIM). Yes, one can get 92%; if she/he has will to do…Do your best in BTP…..attend all classes(if any)..study for 3-4 hours daily…do your best in exams!

  75. i m in industrial chem …wanna go to maths compu….i want to know thatat max how many ppl can hav depc from my branch…..means wat sud b my dept rank after ist yearso that i can go to maths compu

  76. @prabhat

    there is NO such limit on number of ppl who can leave their branch..you would be surprised to know that 2006 passout batch of your deptt had just 3 students(while the sanctioned strength is 20)!!..same is true for applied geology this year.

    for MA, the cgpa cutoff hovers in region 8.0 – 8.25 .

  77. can you let me know the placement statistics for energy engg last year. what are the prospects of a core job in this stream?
    btw….congrats n lotsa thanx for this wonderful effort from your side[ πŸ™‚ ]

  78. @Vivek….

    Overall they were good…
    I will ask my EG frnds & seniors about last year stats…but plz wait a little..I’ll mail you as soon as possible.

  79. as we know TSG has plethora of activities associated with it. For the students of first year it is difficult to have knowledge of each and every activities.i would like to suggest esteemed TSG to come up with a booklet conaining as much information as possible.so that we can decide in a better way. funding for this, i think we all can support TSG

  80. @rakesh

    Although I’m not directly associated with TSG..but nevertheless I will convey your msg to them πŸ™‚

  81. i belong to the department of agricultural and food engineering.
    in my first sem i secured a sgpa of 8.29.
    is dep c possible .
    i heard that the placements in my dep are worse.
    for dep c how is mining,maths &compu.

  82. Yes! DepC is possible provided you get 8.21+ sgpa in this sem.

    For CGPA less than 8.5, you may consider these branches…they have good placements(as of now) : –

    Name — Average Salary(in lakhs per annum)
    IEM/EG — 4.5+
    MA/SI — 6+
    EX/GG — 7+

  83. hey.im a first yr student in mech dual.i got a gpa of 8.54 in my 1st sem.im in my chemistry sem now which is tougher.can u suggest a min cgp i shuld aim for in order to get 2 ‘ee’ or ‘ec’ at the end of this sem?
    also,i’ve heard that 1st yr volunteers in ktk n sf r made to work like hell n never respected.is being a volunteer a must for getting into the core team next yr?the selections r 2day n im not able 2 make up my mind 2 go or not.kindly advice.i dont want the volunteering 2 get in the way of my first sf/ktj participation.

  84. @friends4fun

    (A)lowest members(in hierarchy) in most of the organizations are expected to work hardest..same is true for SF/Kshitij.

    NO, its not MUST to serve as ‘Volunteer’ in order to get into core organizing teams of sf/kshitij…there have been cases of ppl who had never served as volu became member and Heads who were never members.

    Prioritize your time & energy…although there have been many ppl who have done both(participation as well as volunteering)..but its a bit difficult.


    Don’t worry..keep working hard..in the end it may turn out that most of the ppl above you(in cgpa) are from ec/cs only..in which case this will come down. πŸ™‚

  85. I’m in civil dep.(b.tech).How’s dual degree course compared to 4 year one, considering salary,foregien palcements etc ?
    How’s my dep. considering salary packages and nature of jobs offered?
    Is opting for gov. jobs is a good choice? If yes,what are packages offered to students in iitkgp and what kind of jobs are offered?

  86. @vaibhav

    [a]Dual degree holders get more salary than just bachelor degree holders in same company/at same post. e.g.
    Shell gives 12 lakhs to Dual/M.Sc. & 10.5 to B.Tech.
    So, unless you want to do an MBA/Work-Ex..Dual degree is any day better than just Bachelor degree.

    [b] Ok types.

    [c] depends on you. By govt. jobs if you mean PSU jobs then range is 3 – 6 lpa..mostly R&D and engineering jobs.

    if you are looking for administrative jobs then better go for IAS/IES(in Civil).

  87. where frm can i get 2 know abt this year’s package & placement stats…

  88. is it so that this year students are scoring very well
    and so the dep c cutoffs are likly to rise a bit?
    is there any such no fixed that, that many student
    from the institute can change department?

  89. @sunset
    [a] Yes.
    [b] No.

  90. can u pliz tell me how is Btech in Manufacturing Science & engineering like what it does & other prospects & the job opportunities. & is it inferior to Dual Degree Integrated Manufactufing Science & engineerig with Mtech in Industrial Engineering & management… which is better 4 what prespectives????
    thank u

  91. @Ninoto

    [a]its an interesting & practical branch of engineering.
    with predicted boom in manufacturing industry …prospects for job/Research are good.
    [b] No/depends on you.

  92. sir, i m a 1st yr student in CS (btech), got a sgpa of 8.2 in the first sem, i have heard its very dificult to raise ones cgpa in cs due to lack of credits, wat r my prospects of gettin into microsoft or google (n the required CG 4 dat), i hv avg. xtra acads n m pretty gud in computers, wats the max. cg i can get by the time i sit 4 placements ????
    i heard that watever gud u may b in ur branch (wrt knowledge), ppl havin higher CGs (due 2 1st yr performance) r preferred, is it true ???? kindly guide …

  93. @take_a_crack

    Yes, although its tough..but not impossible..try to get 9+ this sem and then 9+ every sem…reach 8.5+ and work under some reputed prof’s in good projects.
    Its not that for Google/Microsoft 9+ is must .. but you must be among top20(of your final year class ‘B.Tech.+Dual+M.Tech.+MA i.e. Circuit branches’) in CGPA &/OR Knowledge.

    No, ppl are NOT blindly preferred on the basis of CGPA.

    [in placements-2006.. a student with 8.8 cgpa got into Google + ALL IIM’s]

  94. Do the volunteers in SF ad Ktj. get any certificate and whether those certies are of any importance for getting a job?

  95. @Pankaj Jindal

    [a] Yes, they do get certificates.
    [b] if I rate the importance(of extra-acads certificates) on the scale of 1 to 10 then –

    VP,TSG certificate – 10.0
    Kshitij/SF Scom certificate – 7.5
    Inter-IIT player certificate – 5.0
    Volu certificate – 1.0

  96. can u tell me abt the placements of agricultural and food engineering this yr.
    wats the hightest, avg package.. its not given in the scholars avenue site.
    is mining a good branch than agfe in terms of placements…

  97. @ankur bansal

    [a]Placements are still not over; till now only ~60% students are placed…avg will be ~3.6lpa .
    [b]Mining (w.r.t agfe) will be better.

  98. i hv heard frm a lot of ppl that one’s CG stagnates after 1st year….i just fail to understand d logic behind this ’cause (like in my dep.- CS ) d total no. of credits r 182 (48 + 48 +43 +43)….so the credits r almost equally divided among d 4 years…so if one works harder in d dep, then he can make it up…or is it dat d dep. profs give r biased while giving grade n mark u as per ur previous performance…kindly enlighten…

  99. @tex
    you have heard right…BUT, thats what usually/normally happens.

    if one works harder(with crystal clear strategy) i.e. more than his/her usual ..then..its more than possible that he/she will get more than usual.

    in a nutshell, you study for more hours and you will get more marks/grades…I have(neither any iitian I know) never seen a normal iitian who have never got more grades if he/she worked harder..it happens bro…I have seen 6.01 ppl reaching 9.0cgpa…u just need to work harder.

  100. would u personally suggest me to take a dep c from agfe to mining….whose future u think is more brighter?/?
    i thank u from all the first yrs students for the wonderful job tat u r doing…
    keep it up!!!!!

  101. @ankur bansal

    For branch change to an engg. branch you must have a minimum cgpa of 8.25 .

    Now, if you can reach that cgpa(which I’m sure you will) then it would be much better to change your branch to IEM/BT/AE(provided you have interest in them)..because they have better opportunities than mining(as of now).

  102. Anindya Bhowmik

    can u give me funda abt summer internship?wat does the companies like google or microsoft look for & wat r the prospects thereafter to get a placement in that company afterwards?for a first year student,it will b a great help if u all fundoo ppl give a detailed view in this respect(cg criteria n all)!!!!!

  103. @Anindya Bhowmik

    CGPA/DR/Projects matters most for core comapanies(which includes Google/MS for circuit branches)…alongwith communication/presentation skills, for management companies(e.g. Schlumberger) Extra-Acads matter a lot.
    Many a times students(who have successfully completed summer training with that company) are offered PPO.

    PPO- pre placement offer.

  104. Sir,
    I failed in Electrical Technology & I have got “P” in maths & my sg is 5.63. What subjects should I take in SQ. & what subjects should I take in Supplementary. And also plz explain me the difference between SQ & Supplementary??? ThanQ. Have a nice time. Bye.

  105. SQ is nothing but complete sem in that subject[i.e. you have to study for same number of hours,mid-sem,end sem exams, 100%] whereas Supple is just End sem exam(i.e. 50%).

    One grade will be subtracted from what you get in SQ/Supple in that particular subject(normally).

    You should take SQ in Elec.

  106. cgpa req. for minor??

  107. @ankit

    for taking additionals(which is must for minor) minimum cgpa is 7.5

  108. as a graduate in btech(dual) in Manufacturing sc & engg & industrial engg & management what will b my work???

  109. @Ninoto

    You will be working in the production unit/plant of the companies like HLL, P&G, ITC…etc.

  110. I m a B.Tech !st yr student. I got a sg of 8.5 in first sem(physics sem). i m aspiring for depc in mf or ch dual atleast.is that almost impossible..
    i can obtain sg og 8.5 in this sem…
    wat r the prospects in Aerospace engg..about placements ..are their chances of abroad placements n summer internships in abroad thru aero dep…wat about indu n BT…
    i m now in agri engg..which deps i shud aspire for depc(my cg will b 8.5 approx)
    Are their depc in Meta??wat r the cutoffs in it and wat about the summer internships n placements statistics n avg salaries in meta dep??
    i kno it will require lot of patience 2 answer my quesns but i need ya help..plz bear wid me n help..thx a lott..
    expecting a rely soon…

  111. @Sudeep Periwal

    – Yes, you may get depc in Dual CH at 8.5 .
    – Good Prospects in AE. No Foreign Placement till now.
    – Indu is the peacest dept, BT is good for R&D.
    – Yes, You can go for meta at even 8.25, but usually ppl don’t go for meta. OK types prospects.

  112. when will the senior halls be alloted for the first years?

  113. @ravi

    in the first week of April.

  114. i m in applied geology branch.i want to know that how much cg is required for depc in geophysics & also for mathmatics &computing.

  115. I am a first year student i am a six pointer(eleectrical department) in my first sem I am inclined to do MBA in IIM, are there any restrictions regarding cgpa for a student appearing for CAT. would you please tell if a six pointer like me is going to hav enough oppurtunities in IIT?.if not would it be a good idea to look for entrance into IIM’s?

  116. @kumar

    Don’t think too much, just concentrate on your cgpa & extra-acads..try reading 1 newspaper+1 magazine along with novels.

    Its not that low cgpa holders do not get jobs..but as I have said earlier – “Good CGPA never hurts!”

  117. U have said that an article will be soon written by u about the Btech+MBA Dual degree prog. offered by VGSOM…..
    Have I missed the article somewhere in the website or does it take some more time…..please help….could u also give me some information on the people who have taken this course last year(i.e., there contact numbers etc.)…..

  118. I am a student of cs (dual degree) dep.
    I am a six pointer(sg 6.04) in my first sem and i din’t do the midsems well in this sem . I realised the importance of c.g .Is it possible to increase my c.g to 9+ in due course of time .

  119. @Rajender naik

    Yes, you can go upto 9.0+.

    in fact there have been such people earlier also…just concentrate on studies.

  120. i am interested in doing summer internship during the summer break after 1st yr. how should i go abt doing it . plz give a detailed funda abt. it. i belong to indu dep.

  121. @VICKY

    Go to your faculty adviser and talk with him..he can tell you names of profs who will be having work that can be given to freshers like. html, google searching, documentation..etc.

  122. i want to know all the funda about minor
    and when will the minor forms for first year come up

  123. i saw an early comment stating that its not wise to opt for meta dep
    may i no the reason plz
    even if i get to know that there are very good summer internships given in it

  124. i also want to know where do i stand for a dep change at 8.60 -8.75 cg

  125. @asutosh

    1. No forms, just take breadths in the deptt you intend to do minor..[I will write a detailed post in april]
    2. Meta is a good deptt but,relatively..placement wise at cgpa 8.60-8.75 you can get chemical, GG, Indu, AE, BT, MA etc.

  126. Could u pliz mail me the placement details??

  127. @Ninoto

    I have mailed you placement details.

  128. can u please mail me all the placement details of all departments?

  129. can u mail me all the department change cut off c.gs

  130. can u please mail me all the placement details of all departments?

  131. can u plz give me some idea about the concept of breadth and minors??

  132. Could u pliz mail me the placement details??

  133. Could u pls mail me the placement details of all departments especially indu.

  134. Anyone to give me Deutsche Bank salary figures for KGp and others ,for placement in India…

    thanks in Advance

  135. I am a first year student.I would like to know what are essential languages one may learn during the summers.i hav heard the matlab is one such thing.what are the others so that one may have edge over others.

  136. i would like to know which one is better(may be on he basis of placements)
    a BTech degree in Civil Engg. or,
    a Dual degree (may be in Structural Engg. or any other specialisation)

  137. I would like to know if you think it advisable to change departments from Industrial Engineering (Dual Degree) to Maths and Computing. Is there a stigma attached to the “MSc.”?

  138. shaunak mishra

    i am a student of energy engg. my first sem Sg is 9.33 .i would like to know the appropriate sequence in which i should fill the following branches in my DepC form:EC DUAL,EE B.TECH,EE DUAL,INSTRUMENTATION B.TECH.. i have interest in electronics /electrical and wish to pursue research through a MS .

  139. hi
    im a student of hss dep. in msc economics
    my sg in 1st sem is 8.29
    …..i would like some advice about dep c….im not into the idea of doing research in future (not looking for a core job either……and i am mostly interested in management)…..also,i dont like maths much.
    i feel inclined to do a btech course(and i have no fuss about the subject content) ……are manu ,meta, civil , aero, biotech good options?i cant be sure of more than an 8.35 to 8.4 cg overall ………. could you please make a priority list in the dep c form for me?

  140. What is the maximum number of subjects that can be taken in Summer Quarter?????????????

  141. It was mentioned somewhere by you that only 46credits will be taken into account for deciding the depc priority. This is nowhere mentioned in the notice for the dep change, will the 46 credits criteria still hold ? if yes then how can the insti not inform us about this.

  142. Could you please tell me how can i check my grades since i am not able to visit registration website and either internal notice board…..

  143. Could you please suggest me how to get my grades……

  144. kanchan charan

    pl compare job prospects of msc/physics & chemistry

  145. i m in 2nd year in applied gg MSc integrated.what r the main requirements for job in schlumburger?

  146. is there any Mtech course in AUTOMOBILE ENG. in IIT KGP and in any other IITs ?

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